How Often You Should Be Washing Your Bed Sheets

How Often You Should Be Washing Your Bed Sheets

How often to wash your sheets

Only about one-third of people wash their bedding as often as they should. Proper bedding hygiene is essential to stay healthy and maintain the materials. Research shows that it is best to wash your sheets once a week to ensure that your bed linens stay clean and fresh. 

Doing a weekly wash can help prevent buildup from body oils, hair, sweat, dead skin, bacteria, and other substances that cause odors. 


It is often recommended that those with seasonal allergies or asthma wash their bedding more often than weekly to remove dust, pollen, and other allergens. 


If you or your partner has been sick it is always a good idea to wash your bedding frequently to help decrease the spread of germs in your bed. 


Some choose to change their pillowcases every night to help minimize acne-causing bacteria. Many swear by using silk pillowcases for skin health as well as hair. 

You will notice that after a week and a half, unwashed sheets may increase in odor and residue. A tip is to invest in two sets of sheets so you can quickly have something to make your bed up with during wash days. Getting on a regular schedule will help ensure that your sleep hygiene is in check.