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Linen Bedding

Elevate your sleeping experience with 100% European linen. A breathable and dreamy option for any season.

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Make It Blanket helped me design a beautiful bed that we can enjoy for many years to come. The quality is unreal.


Oversized bedding is where it is at! I didn't realize how awkward it was to sleep with a standard-sized blanket until I found one that was the right size.


All blankets in our home are standard-sized....too small! Finally, a company that makes oversized luxury!


It's amazing how lightweight and breathable they are! I have slept so well since switching to linen bedding.


Hands down the best bedding that I have come across. You will not find bedding and quality like Make It Blanket


When I think of quality, I think of Make It Blanket. The material and colors are timeless.


Not just any linen

100% European fine linen

Not all linen is created equal. Exclusive growing and climate conditions of European flax plants lead to long and lustrous fibers. Our linen bedding is thoughtfully designed and consciously crafted.

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Benefits of linen

Sustainable Materials

Linen is a natural fiber and one of the world's most biodegradable and eco-friendly fabrics. It is known for being the strongest natural fiber and is made to last.

Good For Health

Linen is an excellent choice for those with allergies and sensitivities. It is hypoallergenic, ultra-hygienic, antibacterial, odor-resistant, and gentle on sensitive skin.

Good For Sleep

Breathable, lightweight, moisture-absorbing, temperature-regulating, and anti-static, linen is an excellent choice for sleep. Linen also will get softer with each wash.